Therapy for the Strong Woman 1: Recap

I want to bring a different vibe to this women empowerment movement that has been going around lately. My vision is to bring my motto from the blog “sharing the perfectly imperfect moments of life” to life. Not just me but a place where all women have a voice. Share how you feel and hear how others get through the same situation. February 24th 2018 was the first of many events and it will only get bigger and better! So if you missed the first one trust you won't want to miss the next!


First up was the gorgeous  Givini Vega a new local natural hairstylist here in Atlanta, Ga. Catch her on Instagram @Givinivcurls She shared tips on loving your hair regardless of the texture, some realistic styling, and product recommendations that weren’t just the typical answer of Shea moisture (sorry not sorry). Not only did we all engage in the love hate relationship of the appearance of our hair, Givini got personal and shared how her hair was affected by common life factors.










We then had the beautiful Dionne known as @closetwhisperer on Instagram. This stylish lady shared tips on how to find a style that fits you and owning your look! My favorite tip was don’t be afraid to wear the same outfit again!! Like hello ladies !!??? Why are we ashamed to wear things over and over again especially if you paid a good penny or five for an item.  REUSE IT AND OWN YOUR LOOK! 










And last but not least was the stunning Alexis you can find her on Instagram dropping more gems @Covergirlalexis

To wrap it all up we talked about the outer appearance from head to toe and Alexis brought us to all sit closer and it got deep and personal talking about spirituality. It felt good to hear so many different answers that some of the ladies knew and had a specific belief, the knew why, and stick to it. Then some like myself who we are on our own search. The great part was no one judged it was a time of understanding and appreciation. Some ladies shared how their beliefs got them through the most heartbreaking situations.





As for me I hosted and said my piece in between everyone. This was me overcoming a fear. With the help of red wine (btw Merlot is my favorite) And I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to have taken that wall down in front of. The room was filled with so much love, positivity, and support for each other. From my friends who flew in to the lovely new faces I met. I almost felt like a natural lol give me a few more times I may just call myself Oprah jr. 




We put a twist on this networking woman empowerment meet up. We didn’t just sit and listen to girls speak about their fancy fake life with Pinterest quotes we talked about the good, bad, and the ugly about being a real woman! Everyone had the opportunity to share and speak. 


I will forever look back on this day and be on cloud 9! Thank you to my lovely speakers and guests. By far one of the greatest days of my life, as I stated earlier I accomplished a huge fear, people showed up, real conversation were had, and connections were genuinely made! What more could I ask for! If you missed this one be sure to be on the look out for the next one you won't want to miss them because it will only get better! 

until next time darlings

Love always,