This was such a great experience - the timing is perfect, with being the beginning of spring. The environment was one of no judgement, and your words were very encouraging, positive, and also transparent. Definitely coming back to the next event.
— Amber
You are such a blessing, Boo! Thank you for being so vulnerable for all of our benefit =) This event was BEAUTIFUL + much NEEDED !!!
— Lex
I could go on and on about you but I truly feel like God had a purpose for putting me exactly where I am today. Your events and our talks are going to help me walk in my true purpose. No longer to 20%
— Keenecha
Your energy is amazing & you had really good points, ideas, & thoughts. I think that you did well speaking I would have not have known you had trouble with it if you did not say so. I can tell that you are a woman of growth and it is very inspiring for me.
— KU
I thought this was an amazing event! It was so easy being able to communicate with new people and the environment was very positive. I look forward to more events like this! I wish we had more time.
— Javonda Smith
I think this was a great event. I love how intimate it is. I love the wellness aspect along with connecting with other like minded women.
— Krissy
The event was nice and I love how honest and open everyone was. I felt like you were an excellent host and feel you will go far in life!
I absolutely loved this event I’m so full from everyone’s stories. Thank you for opening your home & heart Von !!! I can’t wait for the next 1. I’d love to do a yoga event, meditation, and learn more about your healing practices.
The event was great, interaction and experience. Finding other women that are trying to better themselves in all walks of life. The atmosphere was so comfortable and there was an amazing connection.
I loved that everyone had an open mind. Non judgmental environment that allowed me to feel comfortable. I felt a personal connection with everyone in the room allowing me to appreciate myself as a women and to really focus on loving me.
Amazing event! Honestly I don’t have anything negative. Loved the energy and openness. I can’t wait for the next one!