Random Important Things Your Mother Never Taught You About Your Vagina

Men and women both find their own bodies like taboo then you decide to have kids who are even more confused and that cycle ends here. Learn your body touch, feel, smell, taste things. After all you're stuck with it for a while don't be afraid. Here a few facts to get you going. Enjoy!

1. Pee after sex - Condom or no condom you pee after sex to help prevent any foreign bacteria from giving you any type of bacteria.  

2.  It’s self cleansing don’t be afraid to touch her to clean it out. But keep in mind she’s not meant to use regular soap or a lot of these feminine washes like Summers Eve. 


3. She naturally has an odor that does reflect your diet and hygiene. Eating fruits like pineapples, grapefruits, mangos, melons, and berries helps with your ph balance which affects taste and scent. ( If you can’t stand your own smell or taste how do you expect your partner to?...fix it)

4. She should naturally have her own lubricant, if not please see numbers 2 and 3. 

5. If you choose to buy lubricants because you’re too lazy for the above make sure they are natural and water based.  

6. Learn how to track your own periods. So you know when it’s coming and when/ when not to have sex depending on if you are try to conceive or not. ( This saves you money on Plan B, ovulating tests and the millions scared bought pregnancy tests)

7. You don’t get pregnant just anytime you have unprotected sex, it’s a certain time frame of the month near and on the date you ovulate.

8. Birth control for acne, bad cramps, and periods shouldn’t be your go to. Research the long term affects it has on women.  - know your body, your cycle, refrain from sex during certain times, eat right and exercize. 

9. Ginger is a natural humectant among a few other things when you eat/drink enough ginger it can be used as a natural birth control. Ginger tea also helps with cramps when consistently taken. 

10. Vaginas have the ability to push out babies and revert back to its size ....a penis is not the same size so don’t worry men and dildos can’t stretch it out to the point of no return. 

11. Your vagina has a wall you can’t actually lose things in there. And if for whatever reason you do don’t be afraid to reach in there and feel around. 


12. Masturbating is healthy. 

13. Sleeping naked not only gives your body a chance to breathe but it helps build self esteem. 

14. Your vagina needs sun too. 

15. You can strengthen her with things like kegels, yoni eggs, and hip bridges.

16.  Your vaginal canal is the opening path to your sacred womb it collects all your past traumas and the trauma of the men you let in you. Sex should be with someone you deem magical and truly worthy. Consuming negative energy only adds negativity into your life regardless if you know it or not. Choose wisely and be mindful. 

17. Vaginal steaming is a practice that has many benefits for your body. 

Ladies you only have one body so take care of it. It’s okay to not know everything but it’s not okay to not question and find things out for yourself. Seek the truth and be your own advocate! 

My loves I hope you learned and found my random facts informative! I’ve come across so many women, young and old who aren’t aware of their bodies and raise their daughters the same clueless way. If you want to learn more feel free to shoot me a message comment below. What things do you practice to take care of your vagina?   


Love always,