Reasons I Can't Lose Weight?


Weight is something a lot of us struggle with. We either want to be thinner or thicker. Alot of  people reach their goals aesthetically and believe because they are the size they want to be at they are healthy. 

With these false perceptions from social media, crazy fad diets, and surgical procedures to help people look a certain way for a lot of people this brings pressure. It is then that people forget the main thing everyone should strive to be...healthy inside and out. 

As a people we need to work on our patience and realize that quick results aren’t always the best. If we know better we would do better? True for some but not most. Like many others I’m a rehabilitated inconsistent-Er.   a lot of hard work, determination, consistency, and love is required.  So many diets to choose from which one NEITHER lets just create a better lifestyle!

Now lets explore some of the basic things we should be doing and don't.  What below are you not doing? Before resorting to outside help and spending money,  I provide you simple changes anyone can make. 

 - Mindset -  if you don’t already love your body then regardless you never will. If you Constantly think of the things you can’t do all you will do is “suffer”. Meaning you will never truly reach a happy weight. These are commonly the people who have cheat days instead of the occasional cheat meal and constantly push back their start dates. 


- Water - not drinking enough water. How much water to drink daily ( your body weight divided by 2 equals how many ounces you should drink) this is a great guide to start with. You’re probably thinking about having to pee so much but the benefits outweigh the cons drastically.  

 : relieves constipation : relieves headaches   : prevents hangovers   : flushes toxins : boosts energy levels : regulates body temperature 

You can get your water intake from water but also from fruits and vegetables like melons (seeded), cucumber, and celery.  

Know that there is such thing as too much water. So pay attention to your body. If your urine is practically clear the water is basically running through you and you’re wasting your time.  

Adding flavor things like crystal light to your water is not a thing ***sorry not sorry*** instead you can add key limes, lemon, mint, cucumber etc. to jazz it up. My favorite is pineapple water!


- Fiber intake - it’s all better in than out if you’re not going regularly all of the waste just accumulates. Fiber helps with digestion . Examples of good fibers brussel sprouts, broccoli, almonds, chia and flax seeds. Just to name a few.   

- Variety of fruits and vegetables - Seedless grapes and fruit cups do not count as eating fruits. Eating just iceberg lettuce with tomatoes a bunch of croutons parmesan cheese dressed with ranch is not healthy. Making sure you have a variety of fruits and vegetables daily provides you with multiple vitamins and minerals your body needs and craves. Learn about their benefits as you try them to gain a better understanding.

- Labels - Properly look into how to read nutritional labels on the back of your food. Why? Because although packages say "sugar free" the reason they aren't truly healthy is if you flip to the label you will see it has hundreds of grams of salt which in this case table salt causes water retention (especially if you aren't drinking enough water to assist in flushing). Another common issue if on the front of a label it will say it is 100% natural and the ingredients on the back will show the product and a few other ingredients, so its not 100%. Learn to read labels and google ingredients you don't know. When in doubt just choose whole food options. You can never go wrong with that! 


Sleep - Just like your phone we start at 100% and as the day goes our battery life decreases...well in order to go all day along with all of the above if we don’t recharge ourselves with the appropriate sleep time we won’t be able to function properly throughout the day. Insuring you get 6-8 hours of sleep should be non negotiable.  

- Sun - The skin needs it I don’t mean you need to sun bathe every day but stepping out for a nice 10 -30 minutes let the sun bless you. It helps your immune system in multiple ways and helps increase your mood. 

- Emotional - Toxic relationships and jobs it’s time to cut people and make changes. Surround yourself with the people who uplift you who aren’t always negative but also not just yes men. Start listening, watching, reading more positive things topics with a purpose. Take up healthier hobbies. Heal past traumas and dive deep to bring out the best you! 

- Then there is the things we do know like portion control and exercising. One cannot eat a whole buffet of fatty processed foods and expect it to benefit them. And we all know about the good ol 80/20 rule 80% what you eat 20% exercise. I believe thats should be the minimum. So get moving and don't over eat.  

Everything is mental if you want to do better you will choose to do so and will be successful when you are ready. Vegetables aren’t nasty we’re too grown to say that (if you can read you are too grown to say that) you must reprogram your tastebuds to like them (it’s really a thing). Like anything else when you are trying to make a change you must surround yourself in the reflecting environment. 


My final thoughts, don’t be ignorant when it concerns your health people. You must learn to be your own advocate. Regardless of the route you choose to take with your diet make sure you at least know your options.  Don't take everything for face value! Don’t be lazy do your own research! And THEN make your own conclusions!

Love Always

- Von