Entry One - The Beginning Thoughts



   I feel as though personally I have so much that I want to do that my mind gets overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start and I find myself stuck in a sense. To the point were I end up doing nothing . Recently after talking to a few of my friends, they brought to my attention of making a list of the things I want to do and from there prioritize the list. My number one item was to get back to blogging so here I am. I have so many drafts sitting in my notes on my phone and on my computer but nothing seems to fully feel post-able. If you haven’t noticed I deleted my post from the past couple years because I wanted some what of a clean slate. Putting all these things together I realize where I wanted to start... The beginning.

   My mind is different I know I’m not alone but I know in my circle I am one of a kind. As long as I can remember I’ve always questioned things whether they be out loud or in my mind I question things. I remember when I was younger I was either being brushed off for my ideas and called crazy or now as an adult some people just find it weird. But it never stopped me from thinking outside of the box, still using my child like imagination, still being that unique creative, someone with just a natural born instinct to be a healer. I know for fact I have something in me that sparks so much in someone else, reaching people in such a natural organic way causing them to ask questions, find their purpose and live their best lives being themselves! 

    Let’s say this is going to be somewhat of a new introduction I’m Shavon I am a self-taught healer A life coach or counselor advisor and I believe in nature I believe that our first instinct should be to call for natural healing mentally physically and spiritually. I believe that we shouldn’t be quick to run to someone else for the answers instead we should learn that we have the answers within ourselves. Especially as a woman we must learn to listen to our intuition. It is something we were born with it and a lot of us because we stop using it or never learned to use so we must dust off our handy tool and learn to listen. I believe that our bodies know to do things if only we gave it a chance. However, in order to work properly of course one must feed it properly.

   My blog is not for the closed minded. It is for the wanderer, the curious, the free spirits, and the ones who are ready to find out things for themselves. My vision is to help open doors or to help turn on that light switch and show you the bright side of things. I plan to share with you things from my learnings that hopefully get the wheel spinning for you, but still similar everyday lifestyle things just on a deeper level with some added information. It doesn't make sense now but it will soon. 

   So I know you’re saying to yourself what in the world is she talking about what do you plan on doing what do you plan on showing us? Well I want to talk about meditation I want to talk about plants and herbs and fueling your body with fruits and vegetables and knowing their purpose I want to talk about twin flames and numerology I want to talk about spirituality within yourself.  And just so much more the list goes on. I’ve been told by a lot of my friends that they find the things that I’m interested in interesting and want to know more but they want everything to be in one spot. They don’t have the passion like I do to do research for themselves or the care to really look for it so I would like to be your one stop shop. Obviously I do recommend you do your own research but I hope that this is at least gets you to want to look even further for yourself.

   With all of that being said expect the same me just on a deeper level! Are you excited?? I am! 

Love Always,