I Quit My Job!

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I’M FREE!!! and it feels so good!

Thursday August 1st 2019 the last day I work for someone else. From here on I work for myself WITH others. (A huge difference) With the grand support from my friends, family, husband, and the most high I am taking a step that few do and many are afraid to take the leap of faith to do.

Why did I leave ?

Simple answer: I wasn’t happy nor was I being fulfilled working for someone else.

Deeper: I was feeling as if I was being held captive in a closed jar, being watched, told what and how to do things, when I can do, and limited to the amount of time to do things I actually enjoy….. for very little money. And that was not okay with me, far from how I want to live my life at all.

I believe if you are going to work for someone it should be a place where you are valued and you support the work. As I preach to everyone, it is extremely important to know your purpose, because without it you will always feel unfulfilled just going through the motions of life. I realized my true purpose *helping others find their purpose and heal* about five years ago. Over the years I have done different things to experience my purpose and two years ago I realized exactly how I wanted to truly go about fulfilling my purpose! I was working in the legal field and no offense it was just too black and white for me. Some may say I could have stayed to fund my vision or doubt me, but it is not for you to understand it is for me and that is all that matters.

How can you do the same?

Find your purpose and see how that can bring you freedom. When you have found your calling you don’t have to necessarily quit your current job and walk blindly. Do your research and create your side business start using your free time to work on whatever it is you feel will help. Don’t listen to the naysayers remain consistent and have faith. With time those same people will shut up and move to the back to make room for your true support team. Not everyone will understand and that is okay don’t get discouraged. Remember the quote “ Not everyone will get YOUR vision and its okay because its YOUR vision” or something like that but you get the point. And lastly know that there is no perfect time the time is always now. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. You don’t need to know someone personally look outside of your circle, or create your new circle. Pick up a pen and piece of paper and get to writing figure it out what it is you want to do! Who do you want to be??

***Side note this may cause for long days working your 9-5, taking care of your family, and then your actual work. You may “lose” friend but they must not have been real ones if they don’t understand. What my mom constantly repeats to me is “temporary sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness and success.”

**Know that not everyones purpose has to deal with being an entrepreneur some are actually meant to work for others, but make sure whatever you are doing is genuinely fulfilling to you and not just a part of your routine. You are never too old or too young to start a new career or ask for that promotion. Do what brings you some sort of gratification besides a check.

What are my plans

Well now that I have the time I will be back to writing again. I have so much content just waiting to be seen!

More time to focus on Therapy for The Strong Woman!

More time to focus on my clients. (see my services page)

Massage therapy school !

You can catch me a couple days out of the week at Mona Venus Spa in Tucker, Ga

And so much more!

Most importantly I feel a huge weight off my shoulder. Next up on the blog about me is what I have learned during this time. Expect recipes, natural health topics, relationship talks, and other fun yet helpful informative topics. Stay tuned because so much is coming at you! To make sure you don’t miss a beat sign up for my newsletter that goes out once a month. If you’re in the Atlanta area be sure to check out Therapy for The Strong Woman events. Topic suggestions feel free to drop them in the comment section below, email me, or use the contact page.

As always my loves thank you for ready and your genuine support!

Love Always,