Don't call it a comeback more like a refresher. I started this blog originally share my journey as I found myself WELL TADA!! And although not perfect because no ones life is I'm here once again to share my learning's in hope to help you. I've come a long way through growing up way before my time, divorced parents, depression, manipulative relationships, the wrong crowd, no spiritual guidance, a weak support system. To married, amazing friends, overcoming fears, exploring what spiritually calls me, my confidence is better than ever, and overall  I have found my purpose and I am a happy work in progress!

This post originally was a very long and in depth piece but I figured I would break it down into segments to make it more pleasurable to read. So consider this an overview. You're welcome 

My Purpose: I have found my purpose and at this point can't stop talking about it.  My purpose is to show you in multiple ways how to truly love yourself and find your purpose in life. Show you that you have all the tools to find your sought out answers within you. 

Health & wellness: My journey to being "vegan" (I am not searching for a title but I find that this is the best way to describe to the average person the lifestyle I am trying to achieve) is still on going. I get a little closer each month. I am learning to view food as a necessity "eat to live not live to eat". I find and try so many earth grown gifts that we aren't taught so I am sharing what has helped me in so many ways than one. Meditation has helped me turn into the girl who always has a resting bitch face to a 20% of the time I have a resting bitch face lol (I told you I am not perfect I'm working on it). I make it my mission to do some type of physical movement and I am working on making yoga a part of my daily routine. Overall lifestyle change that has not only helped me physically but mentally and I like to believe it helps spiritually as well. 

Relationships: First with myself I have always been confident but I had several areas of low self esteem now I have accepted I have a double chin, that I have a jiggly belly, and I have a small butt, amongst a whole list of things but never the less  I know I am beautiful I love all of me. Acknowledging and embracing my "flaws" I can be comfortable in my skin and work towards bettering them. With my husband, we recently made 5 years married this past January 8 years total we have gotten so much better with our communication which has cut out a lot of the petty disagreements. ( but trust they still exist) We bought our first house last year and now we are working on making ourselves more financially stable to start thinking about kids ( insert big cheesy smile here).My friends well I had to learn who were the snakes and how to be alone for a while and I asked God to bring me the right people in my corner and I have nothing short of amazing people surrounding me we do nothing but uplift each other. 

For the most part I have balance, I know who I am, and what I want and trust me I am going for it. And I want to help you reading this feel happy and confident in your life and skin as well.

Overall as you can see I'm still giving you the real on life but from a better space and mindset. Don't think I am painting a perfect happy picture because I still struggle and instead of feeling as if the world is out to get me I learned to look at things different, learn, and grow so for the most part things are coming together well.

At this time the tabs are bare but the information that will flood them soon will be timeless resourceful pieces to help be a better you. I hope you enjoy and if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe. Comment what you would like to see. I can't wait to hare with you the growth I have experienced!  

Love always,