To Women on Mothers Day

Know that every day is your day but today we celebrate the magical God given powers your body can do! Know that every day is your day but today look around and be thankful for the beautiful gift your creator has given women all over! Realize that you were created by something bigger and put on this earth to continue to recreate! Do you understand how powerful that is? No man could bare to withstand the things the earth has put you through. So hold your heads up high! Understand you have so much within you!

They say men are the head of household but you my Queen are the foundation! Nothing gets done properly without a solid foundation. Take charge own your position. You set the standard with the way you carry yourself, you attract the man, and choose who will be “head of household”, who will enter in your body and assist in creating life with you, the father of your children! **Side note ** a man will only go as far as you let him. You then set the standard for your children and so on they grow from your example. No pressure. No one is perfect no one will ever be. The goal is to always continue learning so you can continue to evolve and be the best version of yourself!

To every woman even those who do not physically have kids, due to losses you too are still a mother and although nothing beats physically creating your own, know that motherly rolls are still needed outside of the home regardless. Assume your position and still set standards they are watching it’s a great impact for others but this is for you!

Don’t wait for holidays to take care of yourself, you are the foundation! You are the most important part of the home in this world period no matter what part of the world regardless if they acknowledge it or not. If you don’t know now you know!

Without you in this world it would be a sad place! Let go of hurt and pain from others and focus on you (not in a neglectful way to others). When you are happy and healthy your family will follow. They will feel it which in return they continue to spread it into the world eventually causing a domino effect of great positivity!

Don’t let anyone tell you women are less than. For centuries they have tried to hold us back and kick us down. Society tries to tell you when to be praised but guess what from this point on you will hold your heads up high and realize the powers you have! Celebrate yourself everyday! Single mom, married mom, divorced mom, widowed mom, soon to be mom, new mom, old mom, mom who has lost a child or children, child support mom, teachers, nurses, bosses ALL OF YOU!!

You are doing a great job by doing your best! Continue to evolve.

Be patient with yourself

Be kind to yourself

Love yourself

Compliment yourself

Take time for yourself

Forgive yourself

Find yourself

Heal yourself

Learn yourself

Have faith in yourself

Use your intuition

Strengthen your mind body and spirit

Today and every day we celebrate you/us where would we be without you?

With all my heart I say thank you all ❤️

Whether I know you or not I love you!

Happy Mothers day ❤️

If you or a woman you know in your life is in need of assistance to get your mama mojo back be sure to check out my services or message me to see how I can help you.

Comment below to share with others the best advice you have as a mother or a valuable lesson your mother has taught you !

To my mom:

I love you mamii from the bottom of my heart I forgive you for any imperfections you may have felt/feel you made in raising me, I know you genuinely did your absolute best! You are human and have feelings and opinions, yes you are my mom but you are your own woman first. Now that we (your children) are grown and entering in adulthood know that we appreciate you and your selfless attitude, but now is your time to shine! May we continue to make you proud because you are a huge part of our foundation . For all that you have done, not done, sacrificed I’d like to say to you thank you for your service! You’ve dealt been through the absolute most and very soon I will be retiring you to give you more than you could have every imagined to have in this lifetime. I love you with all my heart my gorgeous cocobean.

- Love forever and always your Von