Get My Entire Life


Get My Entire Life


The ultimate package all my services in one to help transform you into your best self! With Get My Entire Life we acknowledge and remove pain and blockages. We then find your purpose, and then get you walking in your purpose!

With Get My Entire Life you have a friend, therapist, mother, sister, healer, guide all in one! Whatever it takes to get you happy and balanced in life. 

I’m here to guide you to your purpose. In finding your purpose you begin your self healing process, allowing you to remove road blocks that have kept you from living your best life. 

In order to be successful it takes a team and a certain level of self awareness. I give you the tools to be your best self. You will see yourself and life in a whole new light. Things like fear or shame will no longer be an a controlling issue for you.  

In 90 days:

We go over where you currently are in life and how you wish to feel. We narrow down the path that best speaks to your heart and BAM we find your purpose! We then go through a few sessions to acknowledge, discuss, and eliminate what has been specifically blocking you all these years through many different healings techniques. 

Though you will be able to use a lot of what you learn in our time togetherThis isn’t a one size fits all. The service is tailored for the specific person and their needs. 

Who is this for:

  • The person ready to commit to changing their life around for the better!

  • Tired of your own negative thinking and self doubt

  • Tired of feeling stuck in a job that brings you no satisfaction

  • Tired of being single and dating the wrong men

  • In a broken relationship/marriage you want to repair

  • Want more to life than a boring routine

There comes a time where we all get tired of just being content with life. Believe it or not,  if you want it bad enough your life can make a turn for the better in the blink of an eye! A lot of times our minds become crowded with all the wrong thoughts and opinions that then create fear which results in us living the safe boring life forever. Know that it is never too late or too early.  You deserve to live your best life! 

Can be to Via phone, video chat, or in person (if you’re in Atlanta for an additional $10 fee)

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